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Type: Public Park
Address: 2280 60th Ave SE, Mercer Island
Visited on: 8/25/2020

A park of a different kind. Even though it has a park-like look, it's real purpose is an access point for the I-90 maintenance facility that's located directly under the I-90 bridge eastern high rise. As a consequence, it has a kind of industrial look. Plus, there are a couple of work boats, small to large, that are docked at the facility. The park has some very nice stone steps that lead from the water's edge up to the lawn area. However, to get to them it's necessary to cross some incredibly sharp, fist-sized stones! In this case, the round stones I've encountered at other beaches would be most welcome. I floated in until my belly scraped bottom, then crept crab-like to the stairs before standing upright. Land side access is a puzzler. I visited the uphill parking lot when scouting this beach and saw no obvious way down to the beach other than through the maintenance yard. When I tried it, I was scolded by a worker. It looked like there might be an informal path through the bushes and down, but I didn't explore it. Approaching by water is your best bet.
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