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South Point

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Type: Point of land
Address: 8700 Benotho Pl, Mercer Island
Visited on: 9/3/2020

South Point is another "industrial takeover" with a large cement structure right at the water's edge. Parking access on the land side may be limited because it's located in a neighborhood with skinny little streets and minimal street-side parking. Also, to reach the water from the land side it would be necessary to climb down over some large rip-rap rocks. Doable, for sure. The bottom is very comfy silt and sand. On our water approach we passed another spot that looks like it ought to be on the map: wild and overgrown with trees, shrubs, and brush. It's right next to the Mercer Island Beach Club on the south side. When we first saw this location there was a bald eagle perched at the top of a tree. Thus, the name 'Eagle Creek'. Creek because we could hear water tumbling down through the brush and rocks when we got up close. Turning around so that our backs were to the shore, we had great views south to Mt. Rainier on a clear summer day.
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