Swim Lake Washington
A summer 2020 quest

S Day Street Park

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Type: Street End
Address: 1380 Lakeside Ave S, Seattle
Visited on: 8/17/2020

This park is directly under the western high rise of Interstate 90, just before it dives into the tunnel through Beacon Hill. Consequently, there's a lot of traffic noise which quickly abates as you swim away (or put your head in the water). There is a hand launch boat ramp here so I had a paved walkway right to the water's edge! The first 5m out, however, were rough on my feet with plenty of rocks underfoot. This gave way to a nice sandy bottom after those 5m, however. When I started swimming the water was shallow (~1m deep) for the first 100m or so and there was a thin growth of milfoil and a generous helping of freshwater clamshells on the bottom. The water was noticably colder directly under the bridge which yielded to warmer water as soon as I got out into the sun. In a contemplative mood on my return and as soon as I heard the I-90 traffic noise, I wondered 'Why do these people have gazillion dollar homes directly exposed to all this traffic noise?'. They wouldn't even be able to open their windows in the summer and get that delightful breeze off the lake. Oh, well.
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