Swim Lake Washington
A summer 2020 quest

NE 43rd Street End

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Type: Street End
Address: 4304 55th Ave NE, Seattle
Visited on: 10/9/2020

The NE 43rd Street End is in the Laurelhurst neighborhood and enabled us to enter the water and swim to Windermere Park. You approach the lake shore down a stairway and past a large redwood tree that has a swing in it. There was no beach but a 3.5m high cement wall that we had to clamber down to enter the water and climb up to exit. It was a funny sight to see a couple of creaky old men getting up the wall. I managed to get a toe hold on the top of a large pipe that penetrated the wall and lift myself up a bit higher before slithering atop the wall. Just offshore there are the remnants of an old dock. Maybe this was a ferry stop in times past? Once in the water we found the bottom to have a good deal of foot-sized rocks and unexpected dips (I stepped into one when exiting and fell over into the water!). The on-street parking near the top of the stairs is somewhat limited so more than a couple of swimmers would have a bit of a walk to the stairs.
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