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Luther Burbank Park

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Type: Public Park
Address: 2400 84th Ave SE, Mercer Island
Visited on: 8/28/2020

Luther Burbank Park is a large park (7 acres, 2.8 hectares) on the north end of Mercer Island. It's filled with recreational opportunities, in addition to swimming, my reason for visiting: trails, wetland area, fishing, picinicking, etc. The park has been the venue for the 'Escape from the Rock' put on by Envirosports for many years. There are restrooms and lots of visitor parking. On our visit, we approached from the water side and took our turn-around break in the roped-off, shallow area of the swim beach. This beach is an appropriate entry point for swimming anywhere on the north end of Mercer Island (and you won't be able to miss the beach when you want to come back to land!).
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