Swim Lake Washington
A summer 2020 quest

Lake Washington at the T Dock

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Type: Public Park
Address: 423 Lake Washington Blvd, Seattle
Visited on: 8/18/2020

This location is just at the northern edge of the North Leschi Marina which means there may be boat traffic in and out on a warm weekend day. It's also the southern-most extent of Madrona Beach Park. Any boats will almost certainly be out beyond the speed buoys, but you should be alert (swim buoys always advised). It's very safe to swim directly north, parallelling the shore, with possiblitities to go several kilometers should the desire strike you. The dock itself often has people fishing so should you decide to swim around the dock and head north, give them plenty of room; you don't want to end up with an embedded fish hook! This beach is also popular with dogs (and their owners) since it provides legal water access for fetching and dog paddling. The beach itself consists of 1-3cm water smoothed rocks. This surface extends several meters out into the water and is very hard on the (my) feet. The bottom then turns to sand and gently slopes away until it disappears from your swimming view.
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