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Lake Lane Community Dock

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Type: Public Dock
Address: 3332 78th Pl NE, Medina
Visited on: 9/8/2020

Lake Lane Community Dock is on the peninsula that forms the norther part of Medina. It's on Fairweather Bay with Hunt's Point just a couple hundred meters across the channel. There is a very narrow road down with not parking available so you must park on the residential street at the top of the road that leads to the dock. And, parking is quite limited with just a few street side spots available. It's signed "Permit Required" but I was able to park without being disturbed and even had a Medina police car roll by while I was getting ready to walk down. The water is murkier than other parts of Lake Washington from algae growth and you'll encounter a modest amount of milfoil while swimming. It was actually kind of interesting as the corkscrew shaped stems came up to me out of the greenish depths. Since there were lily pads growing on both sides of the dock close to shore you would be advised to use the dock-end ladder for water entry and exit. I would not advise trying to swim across the channel, even though it's not very far, as the boat traffic could be unpredictable, although with a companion watercraft, a channel crossing would be feasible and pretty safe.
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