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A summer 2020 quest

Denny Blaine Park

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Type: Public Park
Address: 4009 E Denny Blaine Pl, Seattle
Visited on: 7/31/2020

Reached by swimming from "Hidden Beach" (E Harrison Street End). Very accessible from street. Several levels of lawn stepping down to the beach itself. Very nice sandy bottom. In a past visit I saw a strange underwater device moving about on the bottom with a long cable running away. When I looked around above water I saw a police boat. It seems that they were there training with some kind of underwater robot. UFOs underwater!

Another surprise! Trying to get some more pictures of the beach, I visited during the afternoon on a week day, and was I surprised to be greeted by a naked man strolling up from the lower tier. After descending the stairs toward the water it quickly became clear that this was a Howell Street overflow area for nude sunbathers. I immediately re-thought my plan to take more pictures as I was quite certain these folks wouldn't appreciate me photographing them, especially as the pictures would be up on the internet pretty soon!
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