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David E. Brink Park

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Type: Public Park
Address: 689 Lake St. S, Kirkland
Visited on: 9/25/2020

David E. Brink park was named for the former Kirkland Parks Director who was responsible for many of the Kirkland waterfront parks in the ‘60s. A well-tended and narrow park about 100m long, stretched along the shore of Lake Washington and bordered to the east by Kirkland's Lake Street. The park has 2 very distinct sides, divided by an L-shaped dock. The southern portion has steps down to the water but large and uncomfortable cobble-size stones underfoot. The northern portion has a nice sandy bottom but a 1.5m high wall to access the water from shore! The shore gently slopes away from Lake Street toward the lake and is covered with well-maintained grass; ideal for lounging or sub bathing. The dock provides access to deeper water and has a ladder for entrance/exit from the water. The whole park is surrounded by residences, two condo buildings in this case, that border the downtown Kirkland business district.
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