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Burrows Landing

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Type: Street end
Address: 9505 SE 15th St, Bellevue
Visited on: 9/10/2020

Burrows Landing is named for Albert Burrows who came to Bellevue in 1882 and built the cabin that now sits in Chism Beach Park. Yet another nicely maintained Bellevue City Park. It's at the end of a narrow residential street and has a dock with ladder and stone steps leading down to the water. When we visited it was clear that other swimmers used it as a launching point because their dry land togs were sitting on the dock. The bottom is stony but a ways out from the shore so you get mixed sand and gravel until you've waded out to mid-calf depth. Because the street is so narrow there's just room for 2 cars at the street end and a few spots on the stree itself where you can pull out enough to let the neighbors in or out. There are great views across the lake to the tall buildings of downtown Seattle and the morning we visited the buildings looked ablaze due to the rising sun shining through wildfire smoke in the air.
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