Swim Lake Washington
A summer 2020 quest

72nd SE Landing

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Type: Street End
Address: 1640 72nd Ave SE, Mercer Island
Visited on: 8/23/2020

Oh, more rocks under my feet. I'm not getting used to it, this mincing out with these round rocks underfoot. Are these some artificact of glaciation? Thank you, glaciers, for grinding up all these stones and rounding them off. Anyway, the beach...

This is a narrow, well-tended and grassy street end, and the swimming gateway to the northwestern corner of Mercer Island. There is minimal parking on 72nd, so it may be necessary to park across N. Mercer Way and walk down. This being Mercer Island, there were plenty of boats (some monsters), docks, and manor-like homes sweeping down to the lake. While in the water you'll have great views west and north; enjoy.
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beach imagebeach imagebeach image

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