Luggage Storage

Drop your bags. Enjoy the city.

DropBag left luggage offers you a range of locations where you can drop your bags or become a drop-point.

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How It Works

* Find a local business that can store your luggage.
* Book through our secure payment system.
* Drop your bags in store. Enjoy your luggage-free day.
* Bookings must be made on the app. You cannot pay in store.
Pricing For Drop Luggage
* Key Service - 2.50 Euros per 24 hours 1KG/2KG
* Small Bag - 5.00 Euros per 24 hours (max. 55 x 35 x 25 cm) - 6KG/15KG
* Large Bag - 8.00 Euros per 24 hours (bigger than a small bag) - 20KG/23KG
* Odd Sizes - 10.00 Euros per 24 hours (surfboard, ski-bag, folding bike) - 20KG/30KG

Our Customers

DropBag App Taking The Lug Out Of Luggage.

DropBag helps you find somewhere to drop your bags when you’re trotting the globe. We’re reliable, convenient and over 50% cheaper than other left luggage services.

Download DropBag App today or list your business property for free as a drop-point and meet start earning!

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